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    28 Feb, 2020
    Posted by justelectric
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    Cost to Replace a Kitchen Sink


    By Gene and Katie Hamilton

    When it’s time to replace a kitchen sink, consider one made of stainless steel with new styling and design that offers more utility. Stainless steel is a good choice because the lightweight material is easier to handle and install, and it offers years of service without being vulnerable to chips and scratches.

    A plumber will charge $496 to replace an old kitchen sink with a new single-bowl 25-inch stainless bowl and faucet. This includes the labor and material. You can buy the sink and faucet for $265 and do it yourself, a 46 percent saving. If there’s a dishwasher or garbage disposer with water lines that have to be disconnected and then reinstalled, figure on spending more time and money for the job.

    The challenge may be removing the old sink, which requires some minor gymnastics working under the sink and unfastening it from the countertop. When you’re looking at new sinks, consider one the same size or larger than the old one to fit into the hole. Then make the job easier by choosing one that installs from the top with self-leveling clips that snap in place so you don’t have to work underneath the cabinet. If you’re installing a new faucet, do it before you position the sink in the countertop hole.

    Style-wise, choose a sink designed to fit your needs. One large single sink is a popular choice because you can handle large oversize pots and dishes in it. But for others, nothing beats a double sink where one is used for rinsing and the other for a dish drainer. Still others prefer a sink divided into three compartments with one in the center for a garbage disposer.

    This isn’t a quicky job for a homeowner. Figure it’ll take you about five hours to install a new sink, while a plumber can do it in about three hours.

    Here’s a link to a Lowes video How to Install a Kitchen Sink.

    Don’t want to get involved doing this job yourself? Click here to
    Home Advisor for a contractor in your area to do the job.

    The bottom line: compare the price of a contractor’s bid to replace a kitchen sink with what it costs to do it yourself and make your decision. You adjust the cost to where you live by adding your ZIP Code.

    Improvement and Repair Cost Updated 2019


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