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    31 Mar, 2020
    Posted by justelectric
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    6 Storage Solutions For Small Spaces


    If you have ever lived in a big city, you will
    know that the rent for a decent apartment can be very high. Though moving to a
    large city does give you loads of opportunities and allows you to follow your
    dreams, you do have to make do with a smaller living space. 

    Small apartments and homes are difficult to
    manage, and of course, one of the primary reasons for that is a lack of storage
    space. However, if you are efficient with the space you have and employ some
    clever storage hacks, you can create enough space in your apartment for
    comfortable accommodation, and elegant appearance. 

    Therefore, here are six big ideas to maximize
    the storage potential of your small apartment. Keep reading to check them

    Shelves, lots of shelves

    For a small space, one of your go-to solutions for storage should be Shelves, and as the title says, you need to add a whole lot of them. Shelves allow you to maximize the use of vertical space along the walls, without having a significant impact on the central living area.

    Furthermore, if done right, shelves can also
    add to the decor of your home; therefore, create some extra shelves for storage
    wherever you can. Additionally, remember to make the shelves of variable sizes
    so that you can store a large variety of items without wasting any space. 

    Another excellent option is to invest in some
    shelving racks. You can find racks made from luxurious materials that will fit
    into the decor of your home, and use them for a ton of extra storage. Buy
    baskets to place on the shelves, and store your items in them, so that they are
    well organized and out of sight so that they don’t make your room look like a
    warehouse. You can find loads of stylish storage baskets and racks at stores
    like IKEA.

    Collapsible furniture

    When you are living in a small space, even the
    essential furniture can make the place look cluttered. Also, if you take a
    minimalistic approach, the area is sometimes just not enough. However, there is
    a way to have all the furniture items you need without losing valuable space.

    Go for collapsible furniture to save space in
    your small home. Items like collapsible chairs and coffee tables can be handy
    when you have some friends over, and later you can put the extra furniture away
    so that your home doesn’t appear cluttered either.

    Kitchen solutions

    The kitchen is one of the essential parts of any home, and it also needs quite a bit of storage; however, many people make the same mistakes when it comes to kitchen storage. Here are some ways to maximize storage in your kitchen.

    • Use the space above, and on the sides of the refrigerator
    • Build spice racks on cabinet doors
    • Add a pegboard to hang pans and spoons
    • Make shelves within your cupboards
    • Create a hanging pot rack

    Apart from these ideas, you should also create
    an open floor plan in your home, which means that the kitchen shouldn’t be
    walled-in. This will make your home look more prominent, and it will make the
    kitchen much easier to use.

    Storage in the bathrooms

    When it comes to the room, no place should be
    left unused, and the bathrooms are rarely ever considered to be a viable
    storage location. You should create cupboards underneath the sink for some
    extra storage. There is a great place to store items like cleaning supplies,
    extra toiletries, and things that you rarely have to use, like maybe a toolbox.

    You can also make a medicine cabinet behind
    the mirror, and add some overhead cupboards to store towels, and maybe some
    makeup essentials, because most of the time, you have to do your makeup in
    front of the bathroom mirror in a hurry. 

    Therefore, don’t forget about the bathrooms
    when you are creating storage solutions for your small home. 

    Hideaway storage

    If you want to add a lot of storage space to
    your home without making it look cluttered, you will have to get smart and
    think outside the box. You should try to maximize the use of spaces that are
    otherwise not considered for storage. For instance, one of the best places for
    hideaway storage is under the bed. 

    Now, I’m not saying that you should shove items under your bed; however, some beds come with built-in drawers underneath them. You can also build storage drawers of your own if your bed doesn’t already have them. However, there is going to be a little different considering the impact of firm vs. soft mattress; because firm mattresses may take more space and hence leave less space for storage. Therefore, you will need to make a choice depending on which mattress suits your body.

    Other places like under the staircase are also
    often unused, therefore, consider creating a small cupboard there, and you will
    have a lot of extra storage. 

    Another quick tip to increase the utilization
    of potential storage spaces is to use behind-the-door shoe holders to store
    items other than shoes as well. Similarly, add some hooks to your closet door
    to increase storage. 

    Maximize the usage of vertical space

    In smaller homes, you need to use as much
    vertical space as possible, to save up some horizontal living space. There are
    many ways to do this, like making high shelves have already been mentioned, but
    here I will tell you about some more impactful upgrades you can make in your

    For instance, one idea is elevated beds.
    Building a great foundation allows you to use the space underneath it for
    various other purposes, for example, you can make a closet under a raised bed,
    or may use the space to place a desk, and create a study and working area.

    Lastly, we all know how tough maintaining a small home can be, and especially the storage; hence, some of my storage improvement ideas will allow you to get the most out of small living space. I hope that you found the post helpful and informative.


    Author Bio:

    Anthony writes this
    article. He believes words have the power to influence people and disseminate
    knowledge artistically. Even though he writes for no particular niche, his
    passion for blogging has driven him to take up writing in his leisure time to
    accompany his studies.


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