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    17 Jun, 2020
    Posted by justelectric
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    Cost to Stencil a Wall


    By Gene and Katie Hamilton

    Today, stenciling a room is one of the most popular ways to create a signature look, and with the variety of stencil designs available, there’s never been more choices. For a light touch, use a stencil to outline the walls of a room, or for a more dramatic look, add the design around doors and windows. You’ll find stencil designs to complement a Craftsman-style room to a contemporary one at home centers and paint and craft stores, or you can create your own for a truly one-of-a-kind décor.

    A decorative painter will apply a two-color stencil in a 12-by-15-room for $155, which includes labor and material. You can do the job for $45, the cost of the materials, which include a precut acetate stencil design, stencil brush and acrylic paint.

    The acetate design has registration holes used to align the repeating pattern as you reposition it on the wall. We like to use a straight edge to layout the design so it’s level, and a pencil and string to mark the wall. A spray adhesive or low-tack painter’s masking tape helps to attach the stencil to the wall. To apply, dip the stubby stencil brush into paint and then blot it on a piece of heavy paper towel. Use a dry brush to give you more control over how much paint actually goes on the wall.

    Here’s advice from Liveaboutdotcom 10 Tips for Stenciling to Get Professional Results.

    Don’t want to get involved doing this job yourself? Click
    Home Advisor,
    a free referral service that connects homeowners with local contractors.

    That sums it up. Knowing the average cost to stencil a wall lets you compare doing it yourself with what you can expect to pay a contractor. To customize the cost to where you live add your ZIP Code in the cost box.

    Improvement and Repair Cost Updated 2019


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